Japanese wines are hot now!  Have you ever tasted Japanese wine?
Did you know that there are about 200 different wineries in Japan?

"Japanese Winery" is an application that records Japanese winery information. It shows the details about wineries such as name of the wine, place, contact, production volume, field size and so on (Includes 182 wineries).

It's easy to search for Japanese wineries.  It will help you to:
 - learn more information about wine.
 - plan winery tour.

ー Main Features ー
 ★ Search using Roman or Japanese alphabet. (Depending on the device's settings, the application switches between English, French and Japanese).
 ★ Description in Japanese.
 ★ Search a winery by prefecture list or on a map.
 ★ List by alphabetical order (Roman letters), production volume and so on.
 ★ Integration with Google Maps makes give you easy access to a winery.
 ★ Integration with Wine Space ( allows to search the list of wine.(Japanese)
 ■ The pictures of wineries are not displayed.

Please check the schedule of the winery when you visit. It is good etiquette to avoid visiting during the busy period such as harvest season or not to occupy the tasting counter. Data on the field size or production volume was researched during 2008-2009. However, the numbers might differ dependent on how the contracted field or production volume of a year was calculated. Wineries without data are also included. This data should be used only as a guide.